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Epic Doors Finishes
We offer a large selection of Thermofoil and Acrylic door finishes. Click on a small image below to see a larger image at approximately actual size (depending on monitor resolution).

We've reproduced colours as accurately as possible but, because computer monitors vary, please be sure to view product samples before making your final decision.

Matte Finishes - click for a larger image
Textured White
Textured White
Camp White
Camp White (WHT-02)
Frosty White
Frosty White (WHT-03)
Euro White
Euro White (WHT-04)
White Woodgrain
White Woodgrain
(WHT- 05)
White Woodgrain
White Linux (WHT-06)
Antique Satin
Antique Satin (ANT-01)
Antique Text
Antique Text (ANT-02)
Black Matte
Black Matte (BLK-02)
Fashion Gray
Fashion Grey (GRY-02)
Gauntlet Grey
Gauntlet Grey (GRY-03)
Umbra Gray
Umbra Grey (GRY-04))
Opti Gray
Opti Grey (GRY-05)
Honey Alder
Honey Alder (ALD-01)
Golden Apple
Golden Apple (APP-01)
Natural Apple
Natural Apple (APP-03)
Summerflame (APP-05)
Candlelight (APP-06)
Choco Cherry
Choco Cherry (CHE-04)
Rustic Cherry
Rustic Cherry (CHE-07)
Chocolate 133
Chocolate 133
Available with
matching back
American Natural
American Natural
EM Hardrock Maple
EM Hardrock Maple
Available with
matching back
Queenston Oak
Queenston Oak
Red Oak
Red Oak
Sycamore (SYC-01)
Amati Walnut
Amati Walnut (WAL-01)
Walnut (WAL-03)
Wenge (WEN-01)
Verismo (VER-01)
Baroque (BAR-01)
Guildwood (DRI-01)
Driftwood DRI-02)
Sandalwood (DRI-03)
Grenada (LAU-02)
Pewter Pine
Pewter Pine (PIN-02)
Praline Pine
Praline Pine (PIN-03)

Gloss Finishes- click for a larger image
Frosty White Gloss
Frosty White Gloss
Hairline Stainless
Hairline Stainless