About Epic Industries Inc.

Epic Industries Inc

Since 1995 Epic Industries Inc. has manufactured the highest quality cabinet doors and has redefined what service and quality are all about. From our modest beginnings we have grown into an industry leader known for our dependability in both our on-time delivery and exceptional products.

Cabinet Door MachiningOur Nested-Based manufacturing process, combined with the latest state-of-the-art technology and highest grade materials, ensures perfect doors every time. With a diverse product line that continues to grow, and flexibility to customize any product you need, our doors are available in an almost limitless selection of styles and colors.

Since we inspect every door several times, with strict quality controls, it is extremely rare that you will ever receive any defective products. Your absolute satisfaction is assured with our emphasis on consistent reliability and quality. As a customer you will benefit from our years of experience, our short and consistent lead times, and our RUSH Program.

Our goal is to make everyone’s job easier.

Our dedicated staff take pride in every door they produce and, as our company continues to grow, our commitment to quality is one thing you can depend on. We appreciate everyone’s business and strive to make every order painless and worry free.

Modern Adhesive Machine

Doors with Adhesive Added

Vinyl Applied to Cabinet Doors